1. Reason of Existence

 The Reason of SBC Existence is for 1) Dedicating Healthier Life of Human and 2)Improving Customer Profit by 3)Providing Better Technologies for Livestock Farming


2. Fundamental Principles

  • Frontier Spirit toward Future

We take road of pioneer instead of follower

  • Farmer Spirit for Great Application

We always do our best for every day, every process keeps same value as every result

  • Co-op Spirit for Coexistence and Coprosperity

We take route for success not for myself but for ourselves.


3. Principles of Action

  • (B2B) : Back to Basic
  • (F2l) : Faster to lnnovation
  • (C2C) : Closer to Customer


4. Envisioning the future

  • We Pursue the Best instead of the Biggest
  • We Create World-Class Products.
  • We always Compete with the Most Innovative Companies and Keep a Pace front of Them.
  • We are always Proud to be the Member of SBC and will make a Great Job Place together for World Young Men.