OK Stress

OK Stress

In an environment exposed to various stresses, livestock secretes cortisol hormone and decomposes glycogen and protein in body tissues and uses it as an energy source.

As a result, the productivity drops and the quality of livestock products decreases.

OK Stress improves productivity by inhibiting cortisol secretion in a stressful environment.


  • Reduce Blood Cortisol Level when Stressed
  • Reduce Body Weight Loss during Harvest
  • Reduce metabolic disease
  • Reduce heat stress
  • Improve milk yield
  • Improve Carcass Quality
  • Dairy, Beef : 30~40g per head per day
  • Swine : 2.0~3.0kg per 1.0 metric ton
  • Poultry : 1.5~2.0kg per 1.0 metric ton
  • 5kg x 4, 20kg
  • Store cool and dark place
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