· High efficiency summer stress reducer

· Betaine is contained to prevent dehydration by maintaining osmotic pressure in livestock.

· High-efficiency chromium complex is added, so lower stress hormones to improve various productivity

· Supports glucose uptake into cells of insulin


· betaine

· Chromium-methionine complex

· Yeast culture

· Reduce Heat(Transport) Stress

· Reduce Vaccination Stress

· Reduce Odor and Gas (Improve Environment)

· Increase Production

· Enhance Immunity

·  Prevent Dehydration

<Dairy Cattle>

– Increase Prepartum and Postpartum Feed Intake

– Reduce Free Fatty Acids in Plasma

– Reduce Reproduction Interval

<Beef cattle>

– 출하 시 생체감량 감소

– Improve Meat Quality and Reduce the Incidence of DFD Meat

– Reduce Free Fatty Acids in Plasma


– Reduce Reproduction Interval

– Increase Litter Number

– Increase Litter Weaning Weight

– Improve Meat Quality

– Reduce Rib Backfat

– Reduce the incidence of PSE meat


– Increase Feed Intake

– Improve Egg Shell Quality

– Improve Egg Production

– Improve Hatching Rate

· Dairy, Beef : 30~50g per head per day
· Swine : 2.0kg per 1.0 metric ton
· Poultry : 2.0kg per 1.0 metric ton

· Store cool and dark place

· 2 years from the date of manufacturing

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