Xtra is a 100% natural nutritional Synbiotics(Pro+Prebiotics) product used in all types of animal diets.(GRAS Grade)

Xtra promotes beneficial bacterias and inhibits harmful bacterias in the digestive tract.

Xtra can improve productivity and improve immunity, and reduce odor and gas in the pen.


  • Promotes beneficial bacterias in the digestive tract
  • Inhibits harmful bacterias in the digestive tract
  • Enhance immunity
  • Reduce odor by promoting fermentation
  • Dairy,  Beef :  30~40g per head per day
  • Calf : 20~30g per head per day
  • Swine, Poultry : 2.0~3.0kg per metric ton
  • 5kg x 4, 20kg
  • Store cool and dark place
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